Събития във Франция: Френско председателство на ЕС


Cross-border cooperation through the ages // An innovative lever from the first smile to the last breath

Date : 05/05/2022
Place : Metz
Organizer: Assembly of French Departments

It will discuss the consequences of the interruption of cross-border exchanges in the context of the health crisis, but also the EU initiatives to promote cooperation between the local authorities of the member states. This meeting will aim to encourage the growing dynamic of sharing good practices in this area with the support of departmental elected representatives involved in these issues.

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Territories in transition in the EU: for a fairer Europe

Date: 23/05/2022 ou 24/05/2022
Place: Paris
Organizer: Réseau interdisciplinaire pour l’aménagement, l’observation et la cohésion des territoires européens

This event organized by the Interdisciplinary Network for the planning, observation and cohesion of European territories (UMS RIATE) aims to enhance and put into perspective for French (local and national) and European territorial actors the productions on territorial dynamics developed both by the French National Agency for Territorial Cohesion and the programs on territorial cohesion in Europe, on the basis of analyses developed in other EU regions (ESPON), in order to develop elements of diagnosis and tools for public policies for a better multilevel governance. It will specifically address transitions in Europe in the context of the publication of the 8th report of the Commission on economic, social and territorial cohesion (daily mobility, accessibility to services and centralities with regard to economic functions and amenities of the territories) and will reflect the priorities of the Territorial Agenda 2030 related to a „fairer Europe“.